“He must increase, I must decrease” This verse from the Bible expresses what I believe about parenting. Firstly, I believe the child is a precious gift, and God has asked me to take care of her, for a while. Yet, even as I remain devoted to my child, I see my role to decrease in importance to the point where God becomes most important in her life. Truly, we parents, even I the father, will play a significant role in my daughter’s life. But the most significant relationship she will have is with the living God. I hope one day she can meet Him.

WHO? (Who am I)

These are the basic facts about me, that will make sense.

I am married, and we have a daughter.

My wife and I are Christians.

We strongly believe in and desire to practice, a modified form of attachment parenting. Which simply boils down to “always” being available for the child, listening to the child, being careful not to oppress the child, non-violence, working together, that sort of thing.

For the early part of our parenting journey, things were going pretty well. However of late, in the stage that is sometimes referred to as the terrible-twos, my wife has found it most challenging, and I have simply started to self-destruct.

WHAT? (what is this blog about)

It is as this stage of self-destruction, where I am not able to practice the ideals that I still believe in, that I find myself resurrecting this blog. I hope it will be a space where I can do more than honestly confess my failings. I had tried to write something like this before, but because of lack of time I was just not able to. Raising a child is really difficult. But now, I attempt to journal child-raising from a father’s point of view. Sadly, it’s not that pretty.

WHY? (why this blog)

Perhaps I am writing this to see some hope, that child-directing parenting is possible. Perhaps it is just another example of vanity. Regardless. I really felt that today, of all days, I needed to write this, so today I re-start.


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