Last night, at about 4:00am, as I was trying to put my daughter back to sleep, I realised (again, but more emphatically this time) that God wanted me to have my daughter. In a worldly sense, it was inconvenient timing. I could have been doing so much better at my work without this “distraction”. But I realised that God intended me to have my daughter at this very time (kairos), to teach me, to make me what God wants me to become. My work, and my parenting, were part of the same plan.

I realised, similarly, that if I had to make them work, I would have to change a few “other” things… like reduce the amount of movie-watching, or even general internet browsing from my day.

The hope was that by doing this, I could become more efficient in my work, and manage having a baby, without having to always complain to myself, that life was hard.

This life-change may not make things easier for me as a parent, but they would certainly be in the right direction as I try to be the man God wants me to be.

So, here’s to a life of self-control.


About NAyK

I'm an Indian. I'm a Christian. I teach Theology at SAIACS, Bangalore, India. I am married, and I have a daughter.
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