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What’s the story so far (testimony/confessional)

…well, like I said earlier, my baby girl is a little more than seven months old… and so obviously my journey into fatherhood has been going on for a while. The reason for this new blog direction however was reflection, … Continue reading

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Luther on Fatherhood (yes, yes, I know you’ve seen this before, but here’s the original link)

There’s this common quotation from Martin Luther (the reformer) that has been doing the rounds in and blogs and to a lesser extent sermon pulpits. It’s usually known as Luther’s views on marriage from his sermon on “The estate of … Continue reading

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New Blog Direction (from wordpress to cricket to fatherhood)

For a long while this blog was about wordpress themes. I would review them, and just enjoy experimenting with various wordpress facets. Then came the Cricket World Cup, and I decided to blog about cricket. But when India didn’t even … Continue reading

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